About Our Mediation Services 

It is often overwhelming for a small business to come up with the time, money, and expertise to cope with a relatively minor dispute through legal means. What's more, unless the situation is resolved amicably, the leftover hostility could affect a small business owner's quality of life. It can be unpleasant to bump up against an unfriendly party on a day-to-day basis. Mediation is an efficient and effective way to resolve disputes and build community among small business people and their customers and neighbors.  J.A.Miller Consulting helps business partners, owners of family businesses, and principals of other organizations deal with conflict and build collaboration. J.A.Miller’s interdisciplinary and non-adversarial approach helps strengthen working teams’ overall business and interpersonal performance.

 The Mediation Alternative

Mediation offers another way to resolve conflict -- one that can help you and the other party come to a genuine understanding and find a resolution that addresses both of your needs and interests. In mediation, a neutral third person -- the mediator -- meets with parties who are having a conflict to help them try to work it out together. Because you and the other party make the agreement together, you are both more likely to keep it. Also, the process of working things out in mediation is an experience you and the other party can draw upon if you run into problems again in the future.

Our Focus 

Our mediation & consulting services facilitates mediation and dispute resolution for public and private institutions. We also specialize in providing and teaching team building, clarity of communication, transition management, and multi-cultural understanding.

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